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About SDiX

Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange (SDiX), headquartered in Singapore, is the world’s first commodity exchange in physically settled diamonds. The Exchange platform, the first of its kind globally, will utilize proven exchange technology to create a new marketplace for the global diamond trade. By bringing commodity exchange technology to the diamond market, SDiX is creating a true price discovery mechanism with increased liquidity, allowing diamonds to be traded as a commodity.

Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange

“The world’s first commodity exchange in physically settled diamonds.”

The Exchange will provide a fair, orderly and transparent marketplace for traders and accredited investors to acquire polished diamonds on a global scale, at market prices driven by real time transactional data.

Wholly independent from the diamond industry, SDiX operates in accordance with existing global stock and commodity market regulations. SDiX’s strengths are the cutting-edge trading engine technology that offers both flexibility and performance above other exchanges. SDiX’s technology platform can process over 190,000 orders per second when receiving orders from multiple co-located clients. The central matching engine itself is capable of processing over 500,000 orders per second standalone.

SDiX encompasses the Exchange and the Depository that is built around a robust and scalable ecosystem of Approved Suppliers, Broker Members, Physical Vaults, Custodians, Grading labs, and Settlement Banks.

All diamonds listed on the SDiX will be graded by the globally recognized GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and will be safe kept under the custodial services of Malca-Amit – a global wealth management logistics company.

The Global Diamond Trade

Diamonds operate within a truly global marketplace. USD$22 Billion worth of physical polished diamonds are traded throughout these locations each year.

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