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The World’s First Fully Electronic Diamond Exchange

Bringing the exchange concept to the diamond industry will provide the market with growth through additional transparency and decreased complexity.

Diamond Baskets

Paniers de diamants

Immobilized and fungible baskets to be traded on a price/time priority in a continuous market.

Single Stones

Pierres uniques

Immobilized single stones traded individually in an electronically negotiated market with prompt settlement.

  • A collection of GIA lab graded diamonds
  • All baskets are fungible
  • Baskets are traded electronically on price / time priority
  • Baskets are defined by the 4 C’s
  • Each basket has identical number of stones and total weight
  • Each basket includes stones of identical cut
  • Each basket includes stones of identical clarity
  • Each basket includes stones of identical color
  • Stones are Traded individually
  • Order books are defined and grouped by the 4 C’s into categories (eg. All 3 carat, round, D color, IF stones are shown in one group)
  • Identified by unique GIA certificate number
  • Buyer can examine certificate directly through the platform
  • Trades are electronically negotiated
  • Buyers can place indicative price bids by diamond category
  • GIA lab graded