Negotiated Matching

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Negotiated Matching for Single Stones

Single Stone matching uses a customized matching methodology that applies to the order book that is for a class of diamond, with multiple individual stones listed for sale, each identified by its own unique GIA Certificate ID. The user may click on the GIA Certificate ID to view the official report of each diamond, which may include photos and details.

  • Here a Single Stone order book is shown for the class of diamond ‘3 carat, Difif, Brilliant’.
  • Note the yellow colour of the stone with Certificate 5550000003, indicating this stone (and sell order) belongs to the currently logged in user:
  • If this seller now hovers the mouse pointer over their yellow stone, the system highlights in yellow any bids that have been specifically placed for this stone (i.e. for Certificate 5550000003).
  • Here we see the bid at $96,000 is for this stone. No other users see this information. 
If another user places a bid for this stone at $98,000 or higher, it will match immediately.
  • However if the bid is placed below $98,000 (say at $97,000) then the system auto-notifies this user (the seller) that there is interest in their sell order.
  • The seller can see the new interest by placing the mouse pointer over the ask order and seeing both bids in the order book as shown here.
  • Note that a bid may be placed with no GIA specified, which is an Open Bid, or IOI (Indication of Interest) and can be for more than one stone. The bid at $93,000 is such an Open Bid.
  • If a seller places a new sell order (which must be for a specific GIA Certificate ID) in the book at or below the Open Bid price of $93,000 then the buyer is notified of a possible match with the Open Bid, and may choose to negotiate (or match immediately) through the system with that seller by placing a buy order specifically for the sellers’ GIA Certificate ID.